GST Compliance Inventory Software

Don’t let a disconnect between accounting and inventory management hurt your business.   Understand how inventory fits into your balance sheet with our GST ready inventory management software. 

According to the Survey , Small Business Administration, inventory represents 45 to 90% of all small business expenses. This is a two-sided issue: while stockouts can lead to lost sales and disappointed customers, swollen inventory drives up storage and insurance costs, and makes stock items vulnerable to depreciation.

Gain a complete and transparent view of your inventory

 What’s more, with a poorly connected inventory management system, finance teams will have a hard time monitoring inventory health. Without the ability to accurately account for this important asset, your efforts will become mired in hunting down errors and rectifying damaged customer relationships.

Why your business needs accounting software with inventory management

Focus on higher-value activities
Rest assured that your inventory tracking is accurate and comprehensive. With time freed up to pursue more customers and develop sustainable business practices, you will have full control over your business.
Grow your business
Embrace an accounting and inventory management solution that eliminates error-prone manual work, generates accurate reports and forecasts, and takes care of your customers. Control your inventory so you can focus on growing your business.
Delight customers with personalised service
Different pricing levels? Discounts on bulk orders? Customer information management? Accounting software with inventory tracking can be applied to each unique customer, convincing them that they’ve come to the right vendor.


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