Feedback is a great technique to express thanks or bad wishes to any one. Be you are a person or a Business feedback from a client,friend or even from a rival or enemy gives a person or a Business an ailment from his current illness.

Thats why feedback taking is so powerful for any person or Business. It always throws a stone on bad symptoms & lighten a cornerstone for peoples or Business.

Today Stint Global India Private Limited received a big feedback from North Bengal Photography Club (one of the renowned photography club who are known for transparent judgement procedure all over the world) for our Software(Pixel Clash- Salon/Circuit) for Salon Judgement of 12th NBPC INTERNATIONAL SALON OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2019.

On behalf of STINT GLOBAL INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED family , I Desh Deepak Shrivastava, Director, STINT GLOBAL INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED thanking North Bengal Photography Club.

Below is the Snippent of the Feedback. Thanks a lot again.


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